Brief description

egeSlurry® piping system is designed for the hydraulic and pneumatic transport of abrasive transport material. egeSlurry® pressure pipes ensure the best possible durability and efficiency for industrial applications through modern multi-layered pipe constructions with specially selected inner coatings. In addition, the flexible, ductile and corrosion-resistant pipe materials can be installed cost-effectively.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • Increased durability of the transport pipeline through integrated wear and tear protection
  • Longer maintenance intervals, reduced costs and prevention of down times
  • Installation with established jointing techniques, like welding or use of flange connections
  • Fully integrated system with moulded parts, which are also protected against wear and tear
  • Prefabricated piping system solution for challenging industrial applications

Installation options

open trench installation in sandbed

aboveground installation
– conveyor pipes –

aboveground installation
– terrain –

sea installation

System Technology | Moulded Parts according to Pressure Classes

egeplast offers complete piping systems: pipes for every application as well as harmonised components and solutions for special installation applications or functional requirements.

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seamless bends

flange connections

segmented bends

At a glance

Application Industrial Transport pipes for Hydraulically and Pneumatically Conveyed Solids and Suspensions
Target groups Industrial Companies: Sanddredging, Building Materials Industry (cement, limestone, etc.), Mining and Tunnel Construction, Salt Mining (Brine Pipelines), Fodder Industry | Construction companies
Dimension OD 160 – 630 mm
Medium Abrasive wastewater and industrial media
Material Pressure Pipe: Polyethylene and polypropylene optimised against abrasive wear and tear. Abrasion-resistant inner coating: polyolefin optimised according to application
SDR SDR 17 – SDR 7,4
Connection technology Butt welding | electrofusion | flange connections and other mechanical joints
Approvals/Standards Dimensions according to DIN EN 12201
Product Limitations Pressure up to PN 10; operating pressures beyond that by request
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egeSlurry® – also as variant for higher operating temperatures or lightning conductor

egeSlurry® is also available with additive protective layer (SLM®). Conductive layers can be integrated against static charge, e.g. during transport of dry dust (see egeStatic on the next page). You will find additional options on the page “customized piping systems“.

Forms of Delivery

Straight lengths (6, 12 or 20 m) | Special lengths up to 30 m | Prefabrication | Telescoping for shipment in containers


Additional Documents

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Technical Basics


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