SL® Sewage pipe system

Gravity pipes for sewage disposal

The egeplast SL® sewage pipe is made of PE 100 according to DIN 8074/75. For the production of the solid wall pipe
the most modern polyethylene materials are used.
To ensure optimum conditions for camera inspection, the pipes are manufactured with an inspection-friendly light-colored inner layer using the coextrusion process.

SL Kanalrohr

Product features

  • Connection using heated element butt welding or heated coil welding, ensuring an absolutely leak-proof piping system over the entire service life
  • Polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance to aggressive flow media and soils
  • The low weight enables cost-effective pipe laying without any heavy technology
  • The prevention of deposits and incrustations combined with excellent abrasion resistance guarantees consistent hydraulic performance
  • inspection-friendly, light-colored inner layer
  • Ring stiffness class SN16 (16 kN/m²) as per DIN EN 12666

At a glance


PE 100 according to DIN 8074/75

SDR 17,6 (more on request)

New construction of welded gravity sewers

Disposal and industrial companies | civil engineering and rehabilitation companies | construction companies

OD in mm: 160 – 630

Heating coil or heating element butt welding process according to DVS 2207

ATV-DVWK-A 139 / 127; DIN EN 1610; DIN 4124

Only open trench installation in sandbed

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation in sandbed