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Pipe systems safeguarding future generations - up to all Requirements

The product range offers a solution for almost every challenge of our customers. The focus is mainly on intelligent piping systems for modern trenchless installation and rehabilitation techniques. The products provide our customers with maximum investment security. egeplast piping systems are future-proof.

Pressure Piping Systems

 Pressure piping systems for trenchless installation
SLM® 3.0 – Protective piping system for damage-free installation
SLM® DCT – Piping system with integrated quality test for closed construction
egeLiner®  – Factory-folded PE pipes for close-fit-lining
High pressure applications
HexelOne® SLM – High pressure PE piping systems
HexelOne® XXXL – Large-diameter pipe system up to 2,000 mm
Special applications
SLA® Barrier Pipe – Impermeable to protect potable water and the environment
3L Leak Control – Permanently or intermittend monitored piping system that finds and reports damages
Pressure piping systems for open trench installation
90 10® RCplus – Economical because of abstaining from the use of sandbeds
egeXXL – Large piping system up to 1.600 mm
egeMDR – Axially force locking spigot and socket system made from PE
Multi-functional piping systems
egeHome – Trenchless house connection system for the digital age
Customized solutions 
Tailor-made piping Systems – Individually adjusted to the application

Non-pressurized Piping Systems

Sewer system for open trench installation
egeFuse® 2.0  Sewer piping system – Welded PE system with integrated welding technology

Pipes for Cable Protection Applications

Protective pipes for power
ege-com® Macroduct High-T PE – Protective pipe for high and extra high voltage cables
ege-com® Macroduct High-T PP – Protective pipe made from polypropylene for high and extra high voltage cables up to 380 kV
ege-com®Macroduct Protective Pipe – Protective pipes for power cables up to 30 kV
Protective pipes for telecommunication
ege-com® Microduct Multi – Pipe bundle system made of ege-com® Microducts
ege-com® Microduct Multi protec – Piping system for trenchless and sand bed free installation techniques
ege-com® Microduct LSOH – Flame retarded piping system for inhouse applications
ege-com® Macroduct Multi – Pipe bundle system made of ege-com® Macroducts
ege-com® Multi-fit-Sealing – For sealing of used and unused ege-com® Micro- and Macroducts

egeFit® Components and moulded parts according to specifications