Telecommunication pipes are used in the entire range of network applications: from backbone lines up to FttH. Different colours, executions, bundle variants, and performance options are available. A comprehensive choice of accessories completes the product portfolio.


Pipe bundle system made of ege-com® Microducts

ege-com® Microduct Multi

The ege-com® Microduct Multi is a pipe bundle that is made up of several ege-com® Microduct Mono pipes. This pipe bundle is used in network applications, such as FttH (Fiber to the Home), backbones or last mile. They are suitable for direct buried installation and for inserting or pushing into cable shafts, into ege-com® Macroduct Mono pipes or other pipe systems.


Piping system for trenchless and sand bed free installation techniques

ege-com® Microduct Multi protec

egeplast has developed the ege-com® Microduct Multi protec for the trenchless installation of Microduct Multi pipes. The trenchless installation technique enables the network operators to expand their grid economically efficient. Damages of the inner pipes are prevented by the a flexible double layer with modified outer sheathing of the ege-com® Microduct Multi protec which increases its wear resistance and hardness. Especially suited for network applications such as Backbones, FttH (Fibre to the home) or last mile.


Flame retarded piping system for inhouse applications

ege-com® Microduct LSOH

The ege-com® Microduct LSOH pipes are of low flammability and sparsely produce any smoke because of their special material formulation. The abbreviation LSOH is short for „Low Smoke free Of Halogen“. The pipes are used in network applications such as FttH (Fibre to the Home) inside of buildings.


Pipe bundle system made of ege-com® Macroducts

ege-com® Macroduct Multi-M, -S and -L

ege-com® Macroduct Multi pipes are an assembly of several cable protection pipes from the ege-com® Macroduct Mono range joined to make a composite pipe. This consists of several pipes with the same or different dimensions, which can be assembled according to user requirements.


For sealing of used and unused ege-com® Micro- and Macroducts

ege-com® Multi-fit-Sealing (MfA)

The ege-com® Multi-fit seal is used to seal filled or unfilled ege-com® Micro- and Macroducts. The ege-com® Multi-fit seal is easy to assemble with two separable outer and inner shells. Available as a sealing system for the polygon and round version.


The modern & economical fiber optic cabinet made of HDPE

ege-com® egeTower

Typically, it is necessary to use street cabinets for the last mile in order to connect the customer to the backbone of the fiber optical network. State of the art is the use of mini-street-cabinets made of polycarbonate. Therefore egeplast developed the egeTower® – a space-saving and cost-effective alternative. The egeTower® is made of a continuous PE pipe, equipped with splice boxes to connect up to 48 customers. Cable reserves allow convenient splicing in a tent or car.


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