ege-com® Microduct LSOH pipes

Flame retarded piping system for inhouse applications


Brief description

The ege-com® Microduct LSOH pipes are of low flammability and sparsely produce any smoke because of their special material formulation. The abbreviation LSOH is short for „Low Smoke free Of Halogen“. The pipes are used in network applications such as FttH (Fibre to the Home) inside of buildings.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • LSOH pipes are of low flammability:The material meets the requirements of DIN 4102, building material class B1
  • Free of halogens
  • Low smoke: minimum smoke development in case of fire
  • Standard design: colour – white opaque, inner surface – grooved

Installation options

insertion or push into cable ducts


installation on or below plaster

System Technology | Moulded Parts according to Pressure Class

egeplast offers complete piping systems: You can find the extensive range of accessories in the catalogue “ege-com® accessories”.

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house connections


At a glance

Application Protection of telecommunication cables in network applications, such as FttD (Fibre to the Desk); suitable for use in buildings
Target Groups Network operators | Construction companies
Dimension Bundle variants with and without guide pipe (FR)
Medium Telecommunication cable (fibre bundle, mini and microcable)
Material Flame-retarded polyolefin
Bundles ege-com®  Microduct Multi db with thin, flexible outer sheathing
Connection Technology Plug-in connection
Regulations/Installation techniques Installation Manual
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Microduct Mono
direct buried OD 7 to 20 mm
direct install OD 5 to 12 mm
Microduct Multi
pipe bundle of max. 24 Microduct Mono pipes plus guide pipe

Forms of Delivery


Drum | Large drum by request



Additional Documents

The following documents can be downloaded in the download area or you can order them as printed version here.

ege-com® Microduct Brochure

ege-com® Accessories Brochure

ege-com® Installation Manual




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