egeplast Multi-fit-Sealing (MfA)

For sealing of used and unused egeplast Micro- and Macroducts

The egeplast Multi-fit seal is used to seal filled or unfilled egeplast Micro- and Macroducts. The egeplast Multi-fit seal is easy to assemble with two separable outer and inner shells. Available as a sealing system for the polygon and round version.

Product features

  • Sealing system for polygon and round version
  • Clamping System for polygon and round version
  • Fixed inner pipes
  • Stress-free inner pipes in sealing element
  • No risk of incorrect assembly
  • Pressure tight permanently up to 0.5 bar

At a glance

Telecommunication cable (fibre bundle, mini- and microcables)


Sealing of filled or unfilled ege-com®  Micro- and Macroducts

ege-com® Macroduct: 32 – 50 mm
ege-com® Microduct: up to 24×7 plus guide pipe Design db (direct buried)

Network operators | Construction companies

Installation Manual

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation in sandbed
  • for sealing occupied and unoccupied ege-com® Micro- and Macroducts
  • available as sealing system for polygon and round version