egeplast is an extremely innovative manufacturer of plastic pipe systems, and has been setting benchmarks for decades.  Customers in over 30 countries rely on egeplast consultancy solutions and quality products for transporting water, gas and data.  The customers of the owner-run enterprise include some of the largest and most demanding utility companies and network operators in the world.


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Video egeplast 3L Leak Control System

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25. May 2018

The new solution video for the egeplast 3L Leak Control System introduces the monitored pipe system for soil and water protection.

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Video egeplast HexelOne® High-Pressure Pipe System

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15. March 2018

The new solution video for the egeplast HexelOne® pipe presents the high-pressure pipe system made of PE. Listen to Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Späth explain the product advantages and cost-savings potential offered by the reinforced PE high-pressure pipe system for state-of-the art trenchless installation and welding as well as the laying performance made possible by our flexible PE pipes.

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Christian Haferkamp new General Manager of Sales at egeplast

8. January 2018

As of 1 January 2018, the manufacturer of plastic pipes, egeplast will be joined by 46-year-old sales expert Christian Haferkamp as general manager of sales. His responsibilities also include product management and marketing. 

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Video egeplast SLA® Barrier Pipe system

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27. November 2017

The new solution video for the egeplast SLA® Barrier Pipe presents the protective pipe system featuring an integrated permeation barrier. Dr. Michael Stranz explains the advantages of the product for drinking water applications and for transporting sensitive media in contaminated soils and soils at risk of being contaminated.

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New Video on egeplast SLM® DCT

2. October 2017

The new solution video for the egeplast SLM® DCT pipe system demonstrates the key facts about our pipe system with a protective sheathing and built-in quality testing.

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New fields of application

14. September 2012

Lecture by Dr. Thorsten Späth at the Plastic Pipes Conference

“Custom-made plastic pipes and fittings made from Polyethylene offer new fields of application.” That’s the topic of the lecture of Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Späth, Head of engineering and product development at egeplast, presented at the Plastic Pipes Conference in Barcelona at the 25th September 2012

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