Brief description

egeplast offers segmented moulded parts, manufactured from piping, also designed according to the pressure class and requirements. All moulded parts can be delivered in the desired function (SLA®, DCT, 3L, egeSlurry® or similar). Entire assemblies, consisting of pipe and/or moulded parts, can be designed and prefabricated according to customer specifications, in order to facilitate your work at the jobsite.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • Individually manufactured moulded parts and assemblies, design according to customer measurement
  • Welding performed at the factory
  • Interchanging of design drawings for approval
  • Time-saving at the jobsite due to prefabrication

Installation Options

open trench installation in sandbed

aboveground installation
– suspension –

aboveground installation
– conveyor pipe –

aboveground installation – terrain

inhouse installations

System Technology | According to Pressure Class and segmented Moulded Parts and Assemblies

egeplast offers complete piping systems: pipes for every application as well as harmonised components and solutions for special installation applications or functional requirements.

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seamless fittings
segmented fittings
special solutions


Project Rust – A customised component distributing rain water for the Europa-Park



1. Welding egeFit® in the manufacture of the egeplast moulded parts
2. Special moulded part brach 45°, flanged; OD 630 mm
3. SLA® Barrier Pipe System Components
4. egeFit® segment elbows
5. PE 100 swan-neck bends OD 800 mm with V-flange and loose-type flange according to customer specifications
6. PE 100-T-piece according to Pressure Class with one-sided reduced passage and segment elbow at outflow
7. PE 100-T-piece weld construction with special flange connections and flange connector with loose-type flange
8. egeSlurry® special flange connection OD 355 mm; SDR 13,6; DN 300; PN 10 drilled
9. PE 100 segment elbow angled at three levels according to customer specifications