Components and moulded parts according to specifications


Brief description

egeplast offers segmented moulded parts, manufactured from piping, also designed according to the pressure class and requirements. All moulded parts can be delivered in the desired function (SLA®, DCT, 3L, egeSlurry® or similar). Entire assemblies, consisting of pipe and/or moulded parts, can be designed and prefabricated according to customer specifications, in order to facilitate your work at the jobsite.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • Individually manufactured moulded parts and assemblies, design according to customer measurement
  • Welding performed at the factory
  • Interchanging of design drawings for approval
  • Time-saving at the jobsite due to prefabrication

Installation Options

open trench installation in sandbed

aboveground installation
– suspension –

aboveground installation
– conveyor pipe –

aboveground installation – terrain

inhouse installations

System Technology | According to Pressure Class and segmented Moulded Parts and Assemblies

egeplast offers complete piping systems: pipes for every application as well as harmonised components and solutions for special installation applications or functional requirements.

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seamless fittings
segmented fittings
special solutions


Project Rust – A customised component distributing rain water for the Europa-Park



1. Welding egeFit® in the manufacture of the egeplast moulded parts
2. Special moulded part brach 45°, flanged; OD 630 mm
3. SLA® Barrier Pipe System Components
4. egeFit® segment elbows
5. PE 100 swan-neck bends OD 800 mm with V-flange and loose-type flange according to customer specifications
6. PE 100-T-piece according to Pressure Class with one-sided reduced passage and segment elbow at outflow
7. PE 100-T-piece weld construction with special flange connections and flange connector with loose-type flange
8. egeSlurry® special flange connection OD 355 mm; SDR 13,6; DN 300; PN 10 drilled
9. PE 100 segment elbow angled at three levels according to customer specifications