egeplast piping systems for the transport of drinking water

egeplast drinking water pipe systems meet the highest quality standards and fulfill a wide range of requirements arising from conditions in both urban and rural areas. At the same time, the impressive features of our PE pipe systems, such as their electrical properties which allow for tracing and inspection of the pipelines leave nothing to be desired. Are you dealing with a construction project which involves planning, realising or rehabilitating complex drinking water networks? Forward-looking egeplast pipe systems ensure safe transportation of water. Learn more about our comprehensive product portfolio now.

SLA® Barrier Pipe: Permeation resistant piping system to protect drinking water in contaminated grounds

The SLA® Barrier Pipe system reliably prevents the permeation of pollutants. The metallic permeation barrier enables permanent protection of sensitive media and the environment. In addition the electrical properties also provide the possibility of detecting the pipe and an integrity check after installation.

Early Warning System for the Protection of Drinking Water Transportation Pipelines – SLM® DCS

The SLM® DCS (Damage Control System) is a pipe system made of PE 100-RC with an additive protective layer and integrated conductor strips. The egeplast SLM® DCS pipe system monitors the functionality of drinking water transport pipes in operation and detects pipe damage at an early stage.

SLM® 3.0: Protective piping system for damage-free installation

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

SLM® 3.0 piping system is a patented, multi-layered protective piping system of the latest generation. When installed by means of alternative installation techniques, the protective pipe ensures the grid operator longevity and efficiency. Engineering offices and contractors verify flawless planning with this piping system.

SLM® DCT: Piping system with integrated quality test for closed construction

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

SLM® DCT is a piping system of PE 100-RC with additional protective layer and integrated conductive strips. These enable testing of the piping system for integrity directly after installation. In addition, they offer the possibility of permanent detection of the installed line.

HexelOne® SLM: High pressure PE piping systems

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

egeplast HexelOne® SLM pipe is a self-reinforced high pressure pipe, a monocomposite only from polyethylene. This reinforcement enables new areas of application in the “raised pressure“ area, in other words, operating pressures above applications previously covered using PE pipes. The reason: It indicates twice as high a strength compared to the previous PE pipes.

egeLiner®: Factory-folded PE pipes for close-fit-lining

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

egeLiner® is a polyethylene pipe for limited spaces at the jobsite. It is deformed and folded by means of a special thermomechanical treatment during manufacture. Long lengths, even with larger dimensions, can be wound on to drums due to the reduced cross-section. For the redeformation process, the egeLiner® is warmed up with steam after installation. The memory effect activated in this way causes the PE pipe to regain its original round form. The new pipe now lies as a static independent pipe, close-fit against the old pipe.

egeMDR®: Axially force locking spigot and socket system made from PE

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

egeMDR is a pressure piping system of polyethylene with an axially force locked spigot. It offers short installation and processing times at full pressure resistance. In addition, installation can take place independent of temperature and weather.

3L Leak Control: Permanently or intermittend monitored piping system that finds and reports damages

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

The 3L Leak Control safety pipe system provides a 100% leakage monitoring for soil and water protection.  It has been designed to report and locate damages – even on a mains-independent basis – and can be accessed and controlled in real time via the internet. A monitoring unit conntected to the pipe emits an alarm even by the smallest damage to the pipe. Messages will be sent directly to the control centre or to the smartphone. It can automatically switch off connected pump systems, thus preventing disasters reliably and at an early stage.

egeplast 9010-RC: Economical because of abstaining from the use of sandbeds

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

9010®  RCplus  is a piping system of PE 100-RC with stripes or with an outer layer, dimensionally integrated and coloured, to identify the medium. Due to the high resistance of the PE 100-RC-material to stress cracks, a protective pipe bed zone of sand can be avoided without any loss of safety or durability. The 9010® RCplus  is suitable for open trench installation with and without sandbed as well as installation by ploughing and milling.

egeXXL – large-diameter pipe system up to 1,600 mm for new construction or rehabilitation in open trenches or by means oft he PE reduction method

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

PE pipes also offer advantages in large dimensions such as secure welded joints. A comprehensive range of fittings made of PE 100 enables the material-homogeneous construction of transport pipelines.

egeFit®: Components and moulded parts according to specifications

Animation of an egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe for drinking water

egeplast offers segmented moulded parts, manufactured from piping, also designed according to the pressure class and requirements. All moulded parts can be delivered in the desired function (SLA®, DCT, 3L, egeSlurry® or similar). Entire assemblies, consisting of pipe and/or moulded parts, can be designed and prefabricated according to customer specifications, in order to facilitate your work at the jobsite.

Protection-Layer Pipes with Intelligent Technology for Drinking Water Supply

In addition to first-class quality of material, innovative plastic pipes for drinking water supply lines are characterized by the remarkable integrated functions they come with. With a view to ensuring a future-proof maintenance strategy, predictive maintenance is of utmost importance for all egeplast pipeline systems. After all, both prevention as well as early identification of disorders and damages around the transportation of drinking water are paramount. Accordingly, in addition to integrated protection layers, features such as early warning systems and conductive strips for integrated quality inspection contribute to safe underground drinking water transportation.

Check out our range of drinking water pipe systems made of plastics which are also suitable for applications in contaminated soils

Plastic Pipe Systems for any Application Area

egeplast PE pipe systems are suitable for realising complex infrastructure projects. Regardless of the purpose for which you require reliable and high-quality multi-layer pipes, pressure pipes and other drinking water pipe systems, please feel free to approach us. As your go-to experts for protection-layer pipes, we offer competent and comprehensive information and advice. Make sure to benefit from our expertise, e. g. related to special solutions such as protection-layer pipe systems ensuring damage-free installation as well as preformed PE pipes for close-fit lining. Whether you are planning to install new drinking water pipelines or to rehabilitate preexisting ones, we will provide you with a matching and customised solution for each and every project. egeplast provides strategic and operative assistance throughout all stages involved, from planning via manufacturing to transportation and installation of customised pipes.

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