egeplast SLM® DCS Early Warning System

Early Warning System for the Protection of Transportation Pipelines

Climate change and the associated scarcity of resources call for all of us to initiate a more responsible handling of both our drinking and waste water as well as gas. Hence, avoiding any loss in our networks is becoming more and more important. The egeplast SLM® DCS pipe system has been designed to monitor the intactness of transportation pipelines during operation and to detect any pipeline damages early on.

Monitoring for damages can be performed either permanently or intermittently.
If permanent monitoring is selected, a monitoring unit connected to the pipe will trigger an alarm if a damage occurs. The system has been designed to subsequently locate any damage with to-the-meter accuracy. If there is intermittent monitoring instead, it allows for monitoring at previously defined intervals if any damage is suspected. Any pumping or control systems can be switched off automatically, thus making sure to prevent any loss of water or gas.

The system allows for monitoring the intactness of the pipe system during operation and to reliably localize any potential damage. Drinking water, waste water as well as gas are safeguarded throughout the entire service life of the pipeline. Any loss of water resulting from leakages is thus reliably avoided. The damage-free installation of the pipe system can be reliably proven for the building inspection.


additional protective layer made from PEplus


standard dimension of the pressure pipe


electrically strips for damage detection and functional monitoring

Product benefits

  • Reliable information on the condition of the pipeline
  • Possibility to take action immediately (damage localisation and repair)
  • Prevention of loss of water or gas
  • Avoidance of contamination of the soil
  • Avoidance of consequential damages
  • Minimisation of operator’s risk
  • Complements measuring devices and expands the scope of options for damage localisation
  • Safety: Protection from damage during laying
  • Quality control directly after installation by means of proof of damage-free installation. Any potential damage incurred during installation can be identified right away

At a glance

Drinking water, waste water, gas

Core pipe of PE 100-RC (resistance to crack)
Protective layer of modified Polyethylene PEplus, blue, brown or yellow

SDR 17 – SDR 7.4

Transport pipelines

Supply and disposal companies | Industrial companies | Construction companies

OD 90 – 1600 mm

Butt welding | electrofusion

DIN EN 12201, DIN EN 1555, PAS 1075 Type 3, DVGW GW 335-A2

Pressure up to PN 25 for water

Product structure | Installation techniques

  • Reliable information about the condition of the pipeline
  • Immediate response option (damage location and repair)
  • Avoidance of water or gas loss and consequential damage
  • Avoidance of contamination of the soil
  • Minimisation oft he operator risk
  • Discontinuous leakage monitoring
  • Complements measuring equipment and expands the possibilities of damage localisation