Axially force locking spigot and socket system made from PE

Brief description

egeMDR is a pressure piping system of polyethylene with an axially force locked spigot. It offers short installation and processing times at full pressure resistance. In addition, installation can take place independent of temperature and weather.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • No welder training necessary
  • Short installation and processing times
  • Axially force locking; no Need for thrust blocks
  • Installation with residual water in the pipe possible

Installation options

open trench installation without sandbed

open trench installation in sandbed

 System Technology |  Moulded Parts according to Pressure Class

egeplast offers complete piping systems: pipes for every application as well as harmonised components and solutions for special installation applications or functional requirements.

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bends with socket

T-pieces with socket

flanged sockets

double couplers and repair couplers


At a Glance

Application Supply pipes | transport pipes
Target Groups Utility companies | industrial companies | construction companies
Dimension OD 90 – 450 mm
Medium Potable water
Material PE 100-RC (Resistance to crack)
SDR SDR 17 / SDR 11
Connection Technology Axially force locked spigot and socket system, pressure-resistant up to 16 bar (SDR 11)
Approvals/Standards Pipe DVGW-certified / Socket DVGW-certified, DIN 8074/75; DIN EN 12201; DVGW GW 335 A2 / B3
Product Limitations Currently only approved for liquid media
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Customised spigot and socket system

The egeMDR is also available with protective layer as well as for other areas of applications, e.g. sewage.

Forms of Delivery

Straight lengths (6, 12 or 20 m), Special lengths up to 30 m | Pipe lengths prepared and chamfered in the area of the spigot end (in factory)




Project Weissach: On the right path again: spring with lateral seepage rehabilitated using plastic pipes


RFP forms

RFP form egeMDR spigot and socket system with SLM 3.0 Protective pipe

RFP form egeMDR spigot and socket system with 9010 RCplus pipe

Additional Documents

The following documents can be downloaded in the download area or you can order them as printed version here.


egeMDR Brochure

egeMDR Processing Guidelines

References egeMDR


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