9010® RC

Economical because of abstaining from the use of sandbeds

9010®  RC  is a piping system of PE 100-RC with stripes or with an outer layer, dimensionally integrated and coloured, to identify the medium. Due to the high resistance of the PE 100-RC-material to stress cracks, a protective pipe bed zone of sand can be avoided without any loss of safety or durability. The 9010® RC  is suitable for open trench installation with and without sandbed as well as installation by ploughing and milling.

Product features

  • High safety during operation due to the application of materials that are resistant to point loads
  • Reduction of excavation costs as opposed to sandbeds by re-using the excavated soil
  • Conservation of resources by reduced earth movement, elimination of disposal of spoils
  • Shorter construction times, less emissions

At a glance

Potable water | gas | wastewater | industrial media

PE 100-RC (Resistance to crack)

PE 100-RC (Resistance to crack)

House connection pipes | supply and sewage pipes | transport pipes | industrial piping systems

Utility and disposal companies | industrial companies | construction companies

OD 25 – 1.600 mm (from OD 630 mm only with stripe marking)

Butt welding | electrofusion | mechanical joints

DIN 8074/75; EN 12201; EN 1555; DVGW GW 335-A2; PAS 1075

Pressure up to PN 16 for water and PN 10 for gas; for operating pressures beyond that see HexelOne®; no trenchless installation: see SLM® 3.0

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation without sandbed, ploughing and milling
  • open trench installation in sandbed
  • Different colors for marking possible
  • Waiver of pipe bedding zone