Special solutions for the industry

Special solutions for the industry

for abrasive media


egeSlurry® piping system is designed for the hydraulic and pneumatic transport of abrasive transport material. egeSlurry® pressure pipes ensure the best possible durability and efficiency for industrial applications through modern multi-layered pipe constructions with specially selected inner coatings. In addition, the flexible, ductile and corrosion-resistant pipe materials can be installed cost-effectively.




to divert electrostatic charges


egeStatic is an electric conductive piping system. Many industrial applications require the transport of dry gases, powdery substances and inflammable media. In such potentially explosive atmospheres, electrostatic charge of pipes, vessels and system components must be particularly prevented by taking the appropriate protective measures for the safety of mankind and the environment.




for increased media temperatures up to 95°C

egeTherm High-T

The egeTherm High-T piping system can transport media up to a temperature of constant +70°C safe and with an operating period of 50 years. It is a piping system of the most current material generation for applications with increased media temperatures.



Components and moulded parts according to specifications

egeFit® assemblies

egeplast offers segmented moulded parts, manufactured from piping, also designed according to the pressure class and requirements. All moulded parts can be delivered in the desired function (SLA®, DCT, 3L, egeSlurry® or similar). Entire assemblies, consisting of pipe and/or moulded parts, can be designed and prefabricated according to customer specifications, in order to facilitate your work at the jobsite.



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