egeplast piping systems for the underground infrastructure of industrial companies

Permanently or intermittend monitored piping system that finds and reports damages

The 3L safety pipe system provides a 100% leakage monitoring for soil and water protection.  It has been designed to report and locate damages – even on a mains-independent basis – and can be accessed and controlled in real time via the internet. A monitoring unit conntected to the pipe emits an alarm even by the smallest damage to the pipe. Messages will be sent directly to the control centre or to the smartphone. It can automatically switch off connected pump systems, thus preventing disasters reliably and at an early stage.




Permeation resistant piping system to protect sensitive media in contaminated grounds

The SLA® Barrier Pipe system reliably prevents the permeation of pollutants. The metallic permeation barrier enables permanent protection of sensitive media and the environment. In addition the electrical properties also provide the possibility of detecting the pipe and an integrity check after installation.





Factory-folded PE pipes for close-fit-lining

egeLiner® is a polyethylene pipe for limited spaces at the jobsite. It is deformed and folded by means of a special thermomechanical treatment during manufacture. Long lengths, even with larger dimensions, can be wound on to drums due to the reduced cross-section. For the redeformation process, the egeLiner® is warmed up with steam after installation. The memory effect activated in this way causes the PE pipe to regain its original round form. The new pipe now lies as a static independent pipe, close-fit against the old pipe.




Short pipe module system for replacement of older sewers by burstlining and TIP techniques

egeModul PP 2.0 is a short pipe module of polypropylene for rehabilitation or replacement of damaged sewers. The filler-free material PP ensures acceptance of highly static loads and represents durability and effiency.




Short pipe module system for replacement of older sewers by relining technique

egeModul PE is a short pipe module of polyethylene with a high density (PE-HD) for rehabilitation or replacement of damaged sewers. The high ductility of the applied PE-HD enables long-lasting operation of the rehabilitated sewer.



Pressure piping systems of PE 100 / PE 100-RC

The egeIndustry pressure piping system of PE 100 / PE 100-RC offers the entire range for industrial pipeline construction. Apart from the delivery of the piping system, egeplast also offers the service of prefabrication of weld constructions at the factory as well as the manufacture of special components according to customer specifications.


Components and moulded parts according to specifications

egeplast offers segmented moulded parts, manufactured from piping, also designed according to the pressure class and requirements. All moulded parts can be delivered in the desired function (SLA®, DCT, 3L, egeSlurry® or similar). Entire assemblies, consisting of pipe and/or moulded parts, can be designed and prefabricated according to customer specifications, in order to facilitate your work at the jobsite.




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