Processing Guidelines

Do you need assistance with the installation of egeplast plastic pipe systems?

egeplast provides detailed installation guidelines for every pipe system.


Processing videos

Processing video SLM® DCT post-factory coating

Processing video egeConnect welding socket


egeplast Services

Components / special constructions

  • Complete ex works
  • Customer-specific

Welding machines and equipment hire

  • Welding machines
  • Clamping jaws
  • Inside debeader
  • Outside debeader
  • Roller blocks
  • Strap dispensers


  • Instructions on the construction site including instruction log
  • Site supervision in all phases
  • On-site welding service
  • Performance of calculations (statics etc.)

  • Plant visit including training followed by award of certificate by egeplast


Videos from construction site

Construction site video SLM® 3.0

Construction site video egeLiner®

More videos can be found here.

Joining Techniques

Polyethylene pipes and pipe components can be joined with one another either thermally or mechanically. The most important thermal methods are butt welding and electrofusion welding. Welded piping systems are absolutely tight and do not require any additional sealing elements. The most important procedure for joining of HDPE pipes is butt welding. Here, the surfaces to be joined are heated, after corresponding preparation (cleaning and flattening of the pipe ends) to welding temperature on a heating element and the pipe ends thus plasticized are, after removal of the heating element, forced together under pressure. Welding takes place in accordance with specified process operations, which are documented in DVS 2207. Bell and socket and clamped joints are mechanical joining methods which are used primarily for building service connections.

Butt welding

Electrofusion welding


Download of the SLM® 3.0 welding tables


Applications | Pipe systems

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