egeplast Microduct Multi Pipe

Pipe bundle system made of egeplast Microducts

The egeplast Microduct Multi is a pipe bundle that is made up of several egeplast Microduct Mono pipes. This pipe bundle is used in network applications, such as FttH (Fiber to the Home), backbones or last mile. They are suitable for direct buried installation and for inserting or pushing into cable shafts, into egeplast Macroduct Mono pipes or other pipe systems.


not calibrated



Product features

  • Wide range of colours: inner pipes natural-coloured with stripes or fully tinted; the standard sheathing is orange or black, optionally with stripes
  • Standard design: with thin, flexible outer sheathing; version with a rigid and calibrated outer pipe possible
  • Twist- and stress-free inner pipes
  • Different bundles of up to 24 egeplast Microduct Mono pipes plus guide pipe

At a glance


Telecommunication cable (fibre bundle, mini and microcable)

Standard design: egeplast Microduct Multi db with thin, flexible outer sheathing
Additional versions: egeplast Microduct Multi db with solid, calibrated outer pipe

Protection of telecommunication cables (e.g. copper or fibre optic cable) in network applications, like FttH, FttB, FttC (Fibre to the Home/Building/Curb) or last mile

Network operators | Construction companies

Bundle variants with and without guide pipe (FR):
2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5- way, 6-way, 7-way, 8×7+1×12, 9-way+ FR, 10-way, 12-way, 12-way+ FR, 14-way, 18-way, 22×7+1×12, 24-way, 24×7+1x14Versions di (direct installed) calibrated and db (direct buried) uncalibrated

Plug-in connection

Installation Manual, KRV installation instructions A 535b

Bundles of max. 25 Mono pipes

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation in sandbed
  • jetting
  • insertion or push into cable ducts, egeplast Macroduct pipes or other pipe systems
  • Pipe bundle consisting of several egeplast Microduct Mono pipes