HexelOne® XXXL

Large-diameter pipe system up to 2,000 mm

Brief description

The egeplast HexelOne® XXXL is a self-reinforced large-diameter pipe with a monocomposite design which is made exclusively of polyethylene. The PE tape reinforcement used here makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the pipe wall by up to 50%, while at the same time allowing for operating pressures which exceed the applications previously covered by PE pipes, e. g. in hydropower and pump storage technology. At a dimension of OD 2,000 mm, the HexelOne® XXXL pipe system will be able to withstand a 20-bar operating pressure for 50 years minimum. In addition, it is not sensitive to pressure surges which might occasionally occur in the system while in operation.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • Multilayer pipe system made of homogenous material in monocomposite-design which includes the pipe, elbows, flanges and joining technologies which match the application
  • Optimised wall thicknesses result in increased hydraulic capacity while at the same time lowering costs by reducing loss of pressure during operation and weld times during installation
  • Homogenous material used for the pipe allows for secure, high-strength welding of the pipes and integration of PE fittings which are appropriate for the given pressure class
  • 20 bar operating pressures across a time span of 50 years minimum for diameters of up to OD 2,000 mm
  • 100% recyclable

Installation options

open trench installation in sandbed

oberirdische Verlegung - Gelände -

aboveground installation – terrain-


At a glance

Application Supply pipes | sewage pipes | cooling supply lines | supply lines for hydropower applications and industrial media
Target Groups Industrial companies | utility and disposal companies | construction companies
Dimension OD 400 – 2,000 mm
Medium Industrial media | potable water| sewage
Material PE 100, PE 100-RC (Resistance to crack)
SDR SDR 33 – SDR 17 (others by request)
Connection technology Butt welding | electrofusion | mechanical joints
Approvals/Standards In-house approval and TÜV certification
Product Limitations Pressures up to a max. of PN 20 for water up to OD 2,000 mm
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HexelOne® XXXL variants

We offer variants featuring OD’s of up to 2,000 mm with electrically conductive layers both as DCT variants or 3L safety pipe systems.

Forms of Delivery

Straight lengths (6, 12 or 20 m) | Special lengths of up to 30 m | Prefabrication


Additional Documents

The following documents can be downloaded in the download area or you can order them as printed version here.

Planning of pressure pipe systems

Planning of pressure pipe systems


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