egeFuse® 2.0 Sewer piping system

Welded PE system with integrated welding technology

With the egeFuse® 2.0 gravity sewer system made of polyethylene, pipe and jointing technology are delivered at the same time – as one component – to the jobsite, where spigot end and weldable socket ends are integrated. The high ductility of the used PE enables subsequent operation of the sewer without any cracks or breaks.

Product features

  • simple and economical installation of welded gravity sewers due to weldable spigot and socket combination with integrated, conical heating coils
  • no machining of the welding area necessary
  • smooth connection with longitudinal fixation
  • integrated protection against humidity in the electrofusion area
  • inspection-friendly, bright inner layer

At a glance


PE 100 according to DIN 8074/75

SDR 17.6

New construction of welded gravity sewers

Disposal and industrial companies | civil engineering and rehabilitation companies | construction companies

OD in mm: 280, 355, 450, 560, 630

welded jointing technology following DVS 2207 and manufacturer specifications

DIN 8074/75, following DIN EN 12666, DIN EN 1610, data sheet DWA A -127 and DWA A-139, DIN 4124

Only open trench installation in sandbed; for trenchless installation, see egeReline PP egeModul PP | egeModul PE

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation in sandbed