ege-com® Macroduct Protective Pipe

Protective pipes for power cables up to 30 kV

The ege-com® Macroduct protective pipe of polyethylene is used for power cables in the medium-voltage range up to 30 kV. The pipes are offered as multi-layered and solid-wall pipes and are according to at least the requirements DIN 16874. Connection of the pipes can be achieved with mechanical connections, electrofusion or by butt welding.


Product features

  • Outer diameter ≥ 75 mm
  • The basic pipe is black and can be supplied with a coloured outer layer and/or stripes.
  • Open trench and trenchless installation possible
  • Weldable
  • Flexible and ductile

At a glance

Pressure pipe quality following DIN 8074 (PE100) or PE-HD according to DIN 16874

Power- and energy-cables

SDR 11, 17 und 17,6 (others by request)

Protective pipe for power cables up to 30 kV

Network operators | Construction companies

OD ≥ 75 mm

Butt Fusion welding| electrofusion | mechanical connectors

DIN 16874

Up to 30 kV

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • open trench installation in sandbed
  • open trench installation without sandbed, ploughing/ milling techniques
  • horizontal directional drilling
  • Power cables in the medium voltage range up to 30 kV
  • The pipes can be connected with mechanical joints, electrofusion sockets or butt welding method