ege-com® egeTower

The modern and economical fiber optic cabinet made of HDPE

Typically, it is necessary to use street cabinets for the last mile in order to connect the customer to the backbone of the fiber  optical network. State of the art is the use of mini-street-cabinets made of polycarbonate. Therefore egeplast developed the egeTower® – a space-saving and cost-effective alternative. The egeTower® is made of a continuous PE pipe, equipped with splice boxes to connect up to 48 customers. Cable reserves allow convenient splicing in a tent or car.

Flyer egeTower

Product features

  • More cost-effective than standard mini-street-cabinets made
    of polycarbonate
  • Preassembled with up to 48 splice boxes
  • Robust construction
  • No concrete foundations needed
  • Cable reserves allow convenient splicing in a tent or car
  • Easy handling
  • Easy, safe and fast installation

At a glance

Telecommunication cable


Network operators | Construction companies

Optional: delivery with decorative foil
IP 54 protection
Swing-lever for closing-cylinder

Connection of customers to the backbone

Complete height: 1,8 m
Outer diameter: 280 mm
Height above ground: 1,2 m
Cable reserves up to 4 m
Access 48 x 7/4 or 24 x 10/6 or 20 x 12/8

Installation Manual

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • Space-saving and cost-efficient alternative
  • Cable reserves allow convenient splicing in the tent or car