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Protective pipe made from polypropylene for high and extra high voltage cables up to 380 kV

The egeplast Power Protect PP (ege-com® Macroduct High-T PP) is a protective pipe made from polypropylene with a socket for an economic installation in an open trench. The tight system is used for high and extra high voltage cables up to 380 kV. In order to withstand sustained high thermal loads, the system is made of a modified PP material which provides an enhanced thermal stability. Due to this the electricity Distributors can ensure a long Service life of their grid.

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Product features

  • Very high thermal stability: The system can therefore be used for thermal loads > 70 °C (short-term peaks up to 90 °C)
  • With increased elastic modulus for an approved ring stiffness
  • The ege-com® Macroduct High-T PP pipes are optionally supplied with a factory-mounted socket
  • Long socket solution for higher safety
  • Reliable fit of the sealant in the socket

At a glance

Power- and energy-cables

Modified PP – heat-stabilized

Protective pipe for high and extra high voltage cables

Network operators | construction companies

OD 200 – 250 mm

Plug connection

analogue DIN EN 1852; SN 10 in accordance with EN 1852-1

up to 70°C (short-term peaks up to 90°C)

Product Structure | Installation techniques

  • High and extra-high voltage cables up to 380 kV
  • Has increased thermal stability
  • open trench installation in sandbed