CSR and Compliance-Statement

Principle of sustainability
We subscribe to a responsible handling of environment, health and safety.

Relationships and working conditions
Our employees should be placed in a position to best contribute their creativity and their potential for the success of all. With this purpose in mind we expect fair, respectful and friendly interactions between colleagues and others. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. egeplast respects the freedom of its employees to form groups and the collective representation of their interests in the form of the works council. egeplast is subject to the collectively bargained agreements of the textile industry in north-west Germany.

Occupational health and safety
The health of every employee is of prime importance. Comprehensive occupational health and safety training is provided for preventive reasons. Health-promoting measures are offered; risk analyses made. Any accidents are analysed and corresponding measures to prevent and eliminate hazards are decided and implemented in cooperation with external experts.

Environmental protection has special importance at egeplast: we place very great value on avoiding the pollution of soil, air and water. In the development of new products we pay attention to the environmental compatibility of the raw materials used. The energy efficiency of the entire company is continuously analysed.

Customer interests
egeplast takes the demands its customers make on its products and services seriously. The products we bring to market comply with the pertinent standards and state of the art.

Protection of our know-how lead and respect for property rights
We develop products and procedures for our customers and purposefully promote the development and expansion of the professional skills of our employees through suitable further training measures. Patents, inventions and other know-how are of special importance for success and for the future. No employee may therefore pass on new knowledge or company secrets to third parties. Naturally, we respect third party property rights.

Cooperative interaction with authorities
In order to nurture a cooperative relationship with authorities, complete and correct information shall be provided in good time and in a clear and understandable manner.

Integrity in business / acceptance and granting of advantages
Corruption, bribery, the granting of advantages and similar are not tolerated. Gifts in accordance with the law and usual business custom are tolerated. However, these may not be such that they lead a person to infringe duties or bring about conflicts of interest. We understand customers who rule out any gift or gratuity. Irrespective of this, we welcome donations to social institutions or for cultural purposes in the region.

Fair competition
egeplast supports unrestrictedly competition using fair means and in particular the strict observance of anti-trust law.

egeplast rejects the claim of subsidies in the form of investment grants or similar. We advocate the equal treatment of companies within an industry.

Business partners
We expect that our business partners similarly respect and consider the above mentioned principles.

Reporting of potential misconduct
Any suppliers who believe that an egeplast employee has demonstrated illegal or otherwise inappropriate conduct should inform the management of this.

January 2020

The Management
egeplast international GmbH

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