Safety pipes for supply of gas and water to the consumer

The "Safe Pipe" project is financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research


Project target
The overall objective of the Safe Pipe project is that of developing a new piping system for gaseous and other media. A sensor system which registers mechanical loads during installation and signalizes the occurrence of any anomalous readings is incorporated during the actual production process. Bionic prototypes are sought in plant duct structures, and safety-sealing systems that can be used for a safety domestic service connection line, are isolated, in order to register local mechanical overloading and close any leaks that occur.

This research project is receiving support from the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research). egeplast’s Technical Service department, headed by Dr. Thorsten Späth, is involved in this project, applying its capabilities in the field of smart and safe piping systems.

Further information on the “Safe Pipe” research project can be found on the Internet site operated by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research: or by eMail from Dr. Thorsten Späth