Quality, environmental and energy management

Responsibility for man and environment

For decades we have set benchmarks regarding the production of plastic pipe systems through intelligent innovation. We understand sustainability here to also refer to acting in the interests of future generations. We recognise responsibility towards our customers, our employees and society at large. We attempt to constantly increase the satisfaction of our customers and trust in our products and services. With our partners and our employees we aspire to long-term ties, based on trust and respect.

It is our aim to continually improve the quality and environmental impact of our products and services. Economical use of resources is extremely important to us, as is the well-being of our staff through occupational health and safety.

The quality assurance team at egeplast therefore not only ensures the permanent quality of products, processes and raw materials, but also compliance with regulations for environmental protection and the conservation of energy resources.


produces good quality products
in an energy-saving and
environmentally friendly way
ensuring compliance with statutory regulations
and ethical standards.


To guarantee this in the long term, egeplast regularly undergoes internal and external audits and has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

You can find the actual approvals here.


Compliance statement

Quality management
Environmental management
Energy management