Presentation by Dr. Thorsten Späth and Dr. Michael Stranz

In his presentation regarding future-proof piping systems, Dr. Thorsten Späth presented system solutions offering a solution to almost any customer’s challenge. These piping systems offer the highest investment security. The key solution are intelligent piping systems for modern trenchless installation and rehabilitation techniques. For example, the 3L safety pipe system can be electronically monitored for leakages to serve soil and water protection. Leakage alarms are sent directly to the service center or to a smartphone. The SLA® Barrier Pipe is a diffusion-tight pipe system for drinking water protection. Thanks to its metallic permeation barrier, it can also be installed in contaminated soils. The SLM® DCT can undergo an integrity test immediately after a black box installation. The exact positioning of the pipe is also possible due to the integrated conductor strips.

The HexelOne® high-pressure pipe system made of only PE is suited for a pressure of up to 30 bar for water mains and up to 16 bar for gas pipelines, offering all the installation advantages of PE pipes. In the protective layer execution, the HexelOne® SLM is also suited for trenchless installation techniques. The system is also available with a permeation barrier or as a leakage-monitoring system.

Dr. Michael Stranz shed light on the issue of product development. Continuous innovations are required in order to face future challenges, he said. The necessary competences and conditions were discussed, for example egeplast’s technology centre, and the customer- and application-specific product development was illuminated using examples. Doing so, the speaker also higlighted the potential of plastic piping systems for new fields of applications.