Thinking ahead:

Innovative and intelligent pipe systems

You can only keep making improvements if you really know your customers. That is why it is so important for us always to keep in touch with users. In talking to them, new requirements and ideas often emerge. We take up suggestions straightaway and work on tailor-made system solutions with a short time to market.

The result: intelligent systems with added value, for example with special protection features and control functions.

Over 80 patents reflect just how innovative egeplast is. Thinking in new ways and accepting challenges: for example, these high standards have allowed us to make use of the many advantages of polyethylene pipes in the high-pressure environment for the first time.

The egeplast brand is renowned for continuity and reliability. The name egeplast stands for total concentration on the PE material, genuine Research & Development work, highly competent advisory and consulting services and, last but not least, absolute top quality. The egeplast image is rounded off with highly innovative production processes developed within the company.

Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Späth (Head of Product Management)
Dr.-Ing. Michael Stranz (Head of Product Development)