Reference Projects

  Projects with high pressure pipes HexelOne
  Projects with egeplast large pipes
  Installation of egeplast PE 100 / 9010 PE 100-pipes
  Installaton by ploughing or milling and installtion without sand bed of egeplast 9010 RCplus-pipes
  Trenchless projects with coated pipes SLM RCplus and SLM KKS with cathodic corrosion protecion
  Detection and Checking Technology after trenchless installatoin with egeplast SLM DCT-pipes
Installation in areas in danger of contamination with SLA Barrier pipes 
Permanent leak control and integrity check after trenchless Installation methods with the egeplast DCS pipe system
  Permanent leak control of pipelines with the 3L Leak Control System
  New installation and Renewal of Gravity pipelines