Project report: Safe industrial sewage disposal

The Austrian industrial company, AGRANA, with a branch in Aschach an der Donau planned a sewer leading through a water protection area. Since the wastewater pipe needed to ensure permanent monitoring and be pressure-tight, the 3L Leak Control system was used.

In the industrial estate of Aschach, AGRANA refines natural maize in order to produce high-grade starch-conversion products. For a new waste pipeline in a drinking water protection zone, the option agreed upon with the Government of Upper Austria was a pipe system which can be fully monitored and comes with permeation protection, is pressure-tight and features an outer diameter of OD 630 mm.

The egeplast 3L Leak Control system featuring electronic leakage monitoring was installed over a distance of 170 m. This system enables permanent monitoring of the pipeline segment running through the drinking water protection zone. For this purpose, an extra low voltage is applied permanently to the electrically conductive intermediate layer made of aluminium. Monitoring of the resistance of the integrated aluminium layer is then carried out via a grounded monitoring unit which will trigger an alarm even in the event of a small damage. The alarm signal may also be transmitted via GSM and be used to shut the pipeline down. The system can also be used for precise localisation of a damaged area.

The entire civil engineering part of the project was undertaken by the construction company Weber Bau GmbH from Rohrbach, Austria. In the drinking water protection area, both the dredging activities and the handling of heavy welding equipment was handled with utmost care. The pipe ends of the 12-meter long rods were butt-welded. Every welding activity was followed by a conductivity check. Once the pipe segment had been completed entirely, its functionality was controlled via a control cable from beginning to end and connected to the monitoring system.

Project data

Project description: Waste water pipeline through a water protection area
Challenges: Pipeline requires permanent monitoring and must be pressure-tight
Solution: Installation of a OD 630 mm sewage disposal pipeline of 700 m length comprised of multiple segments, 170 m of which are fully monitored
Installation: Open-trench installation
Pipe system: 3L Leak Control fully monitored
OD 630 mm SDR 17 waste disposal pipeline
Parties involved in the project: Client: AGRANA Österreich
Installation: Weber Bau GmbH, Rohrbach


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