Online Leakage Monitoring for Industrial Pipes


The egeplast 3L safety pipe system provides optimum monitoring from any location for industrial pipe systems associated with significant potential hazards.

The 3L Safety Pipe made by egeplast has been used in communal, commercial and industrial applications for many years. Not only have the advantages associated with an egeplast pipe equipped with leakage monitoring come to prevail more and more, but also its monitoring system has been steadily expanded. The most recent advancement allows for online control and maintenance of the monitored pipe system from anywhere in the world.

Monitoring technology via a 3L unit, triggering alarm on your mobile phone (e-mail and text message) and control from the control station with optional remote maintenance

Originally developed for the laying of sewage pressure pipes through water protection areas, this pipe system has also become established for applications such as landfill drainage and sewage treatment plants and in industrial frameworks whenever dealing with contaminated process and waste water over the last decades. The 3L safety pipe system provides optimum monitoring for pipe systems exposed to significant potential hazards!

The pipe system and its associated fittings and manholes are monitored by means of permanent monitoring of the resistance against the soil made possible by an aluminium barrier layer which has been integrated into the pipe structure. In addition to its role associated with th monitoring function, the aluminium barrier layer also makes the pipe system 100 percent permeation-tight. Its simple design, along with the high flexibility of its material, mean unlimited options with regard to the installation method used and make it suitable e. g. for trenchless installation. Higher costs otherwise incurred by laborious soil excavation in view of the larger outside pipe diameters found in double pipes can thus be avoided. The egeplast 3L safety pipe allows for easy installation of pipe rehabilitation projects based on relining or burstlining. Its flexible pipe lengths make for a very cost-efficient solution. Coils or pipe drums can be used in order to tailor pipe lengths to the lengths of the individual sections on site, thus significantly reducing the costs for pipe joints.

Design of the egeplast 3L Safety Pipe system

A homogeneous jointing of the pipes is achieved by means of either axially force-locking electrofusion welding or butt welding. Simple post-factory wrapping of the joint is used to ensure continuous monitoring. Complex cascade welding or double welding is not necessary.

Leakage monitoring via the 3L Safety Pipe system does not require any inspection manholes. The monitoring process happens within a closed system, which helps to save costs in the area of civil engineering and avoid plenty of laborious construction work.

Depending on the project, the pipe is monitored either via a centralised or a decentralised monitoring unit. The grounding of the monitoring unit enables the system to identify any potential damage and to report it immediately. The system is able to detect defects at an early time—before the pipe might fail. This early warning system provides the opportunity to initiate appropriate measures before the defect might result in contamination. The 3L Safety Pipe system automatically performs system tests at regular intervals, thus ensuring the 100-per cent safety of continuous monitoring. Since only the monitoring unit requires electricity, the 3L Safety Pipe system is associated with very low maintenance costs. In situations where providing the monitoring unit with electricity is too complicated, the unit can also be operated via rechargeable batteries. High maintenance costs such as those arising from factors such as servicing of vacuum pumps are not an issue.

Depending on the kind of pipe system, precise localisation of damages is difficult or limited to merely detecting in which section the damage has occurred. With the 3L Safety Pipe system, complex, imprecise and therefore costly excavation work is not required and the defect can be located with decimetre-level accuracy.

Decimetre-level location of defects with the egeplast 3L Safety Pipe system

Once some damage has been detected on the insulation layer or on the medium pipe, the 3L Safety Pipe system can be repaired in no time. Special repair kits facilitate swift restoration of the pipe and monitoring system. No complicated repair work is required.

The future evolution of the 3L Safety Pipe system will strive to combine various materials with a view to fulfilling requirements such as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, protection from static loads or enhanced pressure resistance depending on what is needed for customers’ projects.

egeplast Development and Applications Engineering are there to assist customers from the very first consultation via developing a system solution to on-site advice and the conclusion of the project.


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