Three culverts below the river Rhine in Coblenz

Dükerleitung SLM in Koblenz

Three culverts below the river Rhine in Coblenz

In the context of the installation of two new supply pipelines for drinking water and gas in Coblenz, Germany, the utilities, Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG, opted in favour of a culvert pipeline below the river Rhine. The SLM® 3.0 protective pipe system was inserted using the HDD horizontal directional drilling method.

Düker SLM in Koblenz

During the drilling operations, the pipestring to be inserted was prewelded using the butt welding method. The SLM® 3.0 protective pipe system for damage-free installation lends itself
to welding in compliance with the DVS (German Welding Association) specifications without requiring any cut-back of the protective layer. Due to lack of space, one of the pipe strings needed to be inserted into the drill channel within an arc of not more than 270° and with a radius of approx. 30 m. Narrow bending radii of this kind can only be achieved thanks to the great flexibility of the PE material.

Following completion of the work, all pressure tests were conducted successfully. Thanks to the excellent construction planning and exceptionally good cooperation between all companies
involved in the project, the envisioned time schedule and budget could be met.

Düker im HDD-Verfahren eingezogen HDD-Maschine beim Düker in Koblenz SLM® 3.0 Schutzmantelrohr in Koblenz

Project data

Project description: Three new culvert pipelines below the river Rhine for drinking water and gas supply
Challenges: Ground conditions under the Rhine are diffi cult, and small bending radii needed to be taken
into account. Furthermore, the installation took place in a drinking water protection area
Solution: Trenchless pipe insertion applying the horizontal directional drilling method with a protective polyethylene pipe system
Installation: HDD horizontal directional drilling
Pipe system: egeplast SLM® 3.0
OD 355 mm SDR 11 for drinking water; 420 m
OD 355 mm SDR 11 for gas; 420 m
OD 225 mm for gas; 395 m
Parties involved in the project: Client: Energienetze Mittelrhein GmbH & Co.KG
Planning: Moll prd, Schmallenberg
HDD: LMR Drilling GmbH, Oldenburg
Welding: Hubert Niederländer GmbH, St. Ingbert


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