Burstlining in Esslingen

The Esslingen municipal utilities took on the project of rehabilitating an old cast iron pipe using trenchless installation and the burstlining approach, which enabled them to significantly reduce their burden of work and expense compared to traditional rehabilitation methods. Due to the high requirements associated with the project, they opted in favour of the egeplast SLM® DCT pipe system with an integrated quality inspection.

To renovate the gas and drinking water pipelines made of cast iron and with an outer diameter of 160 millimeters each running parallel to each other, the Esslingen Municipal Utilities opted in favour of trenchless rehabilitation using the burstlining approach. Renovating aging cast iron pipes quite often implies a significant amount of work and major expenses. In order to keep both as low as possible, installing the new pipelines using the burstlining approach is the obvious solution.

Trenchless renovation of old pipes with the help of burstlining involves inserting a plastic pipe into the preexisting tube. During this process,the old pipe is caused to burst, followed by displacement of the resulting fragments, which are then pushed into the surrounding soil. The end result is a rehabilitated plastic pipe featuring the same or a larger diameter than the old pipe. Since in view of the significant forces involved and the sometimes sharp-edged fragments of the burst material, this kind of installation technique places particularly high demands on the pipe material, egeplast strongly suggests using pipes featuring a protective layer for this purpose.

The Esslingen municipal utilities went even further by selecting the egeplast SLM® DCT, a pipe system featuring integrated quality inspection for trenchless installation. Integrated conductor strips make it possible to inspect the integrity of the pipe system right after installation. Choosing this kind of product not only allows for relatively easy reestablishment of security of supply, while at the same time also ensuring unequivocal documentation. The Esslingen municipal utilities are highly satisfied with the product.

Project description:

Renovation of cast iron pipes in Esslingen


Trenchless installation using the burstlining method


Protective layer pipe with integrated quality inspection


Burstlining method

Pipe system:

SLM® DCT, OD160 mm, SDR11, 300 m Gas, 360 m TW, straight lengths12 m

Parties involved in the project:

Client: Stadtwerke Esslingen am Neckar GmbH

& Co. KG, Esslingen

Installation: Martin Weitbrecht

Rohrleitungsbau GmbH, Stuttgart