Requirements related to coextruded multilayer pipes defi ned in European regulations

In the new edition of the European standards for plastic pipeline systems DIN EN1555-2 for gas pipes (dated December 2010) and DIN EN 12201-2 for drinking water and wastewater pipes (which appeared hot off the press in November 2011), pipes with coextruded layers are described as being equal to pipes fully coloured, and the requirements relating to them are defined here.

The German market has been a pioneer in this respect; in Germany pipes with coextruded layers have been state of the art for over 10 years and, since 2005, have been encompassed in the DVGW rules and standards in its code of practice GW 335-A2 ?Kunststoff-rohrleitungssysteme in der Gas- und Wasserverteilung?? (Pipeline systems in gas and water distribution). The revised European series of standards is oriented towards manufacturers, test institutes and users of polyethylene pipeline systems and has the character of a delivery standard. egeplast is adapting its stock to the current rules and standards. At the start of 2012 the PE 100 pipe product range for gas and water will be changed from pipes fully coloured to coextruded multilayer pipes.