Spiegel TV report on “Transatlantischer Big Brother”


Spiegel TV report on Transatlantischer Big Brother

Measures taken by German industry to protect against industrial espionage

The Spiegel TV report “Transatlantischer Big Brother” (Transatlantic Big Brother) looks at industrial espionage: “it has now become clear that the US secret service activities not only search for enemies of the state but also spy on its citizens and allies.

German companies are also primarily affected by overseas IT attacks. German expertise is highly sought-after, something that involves billions of euros as well as jobs. Espionage takes place using all technological means available.” ( The report was broadcast in the Spiegel TV Magazine on 07.07.2013, shown from 9.50 – 10.35 p.m. on RTL. A film crew from Spiegel TV interviewed Thorsten Späth, chief engineer at egeplast, about preventive measures. You can see the report here. egeplast is first mentioned after the 5th minute.