egetherm High-T

Polyethylene pipes are ideally suitable for use at low temperatures due to their high ductility. The service life of standard PE pipes is significa-ntly reduced under temperature influence and additional internal pressure. egetherm High-T permits a comparably long service life here, and the temperature resistance goes far beyond the level of standard PE pipes. Media up to a temperature of +70°C can be transported safely and with a service life of 50 years using the egetherm High-T.


Pipe structure

The egetherm® High-T pressure pipe is a co-extruded solid wall pipe with dimensionally integrated white exterior layer. This prevents excessive heating in sunlight and is stabilised appropriately for operation of the pipeline above ground. Optional pipes with protective layer for trenchless installation methods are available.


Application areas

Industrial wastewater Geothermal energy
egetherm® High-T
Process heat Customised applications

Service life

Compared to standard PE pipes, egetherm High-T pipes permit a significantly longer useful life and longer depreciation periods for applications at high tem-peratures.


Product advantages

• High temperature application range
• Reduction of additional heating by sunlight by means of white outer layer
• UV-stabilised exterior layer
• Weldable
• High service life
• High flexibility and ductility
• Customised solutions available, also with protective coating
• High chemical resistance


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