Robust pipes are needed for the hydraulic transportation of abrasive, liquid media. The wear on conventional PE or steel pipes under such conditions is enormous, because the inner surface of the pipes is exposed to greater strain.

egeSlurry® pressure pipes are multilayer pipes made of polyethylene or polypropylene with standardised dimensions; they have integrated inner layers which have been specifically optimised to prevent abrasive wear.

The high wear protection of the pressure pipe, achieved using the most modern extrusion technology and targeted selection of materials ensures a much longer service life and extended inspection intervals, opening up completely new areas of application. The robust multilayer pipe is flexible and ductile while being corrosionresistant, and is also suitable for trenchless installation methods. The pipe can be welded according to DVS (German Welding Society) specifications.

Please contact egeplast to enquire about our individual, customised solutions for special applications.

Fields of application
• Wastewater slurry pipelines
• Mine wastewater
• Maritime land reclamation (sand/water mix)
• Pneumatic transportation of powders and granulates, pellets 


Due to inner layers which are optimised to prevent abrasion, egeSlurry® pipes offer considerably longer service lives in the specified applications than “standard PE100 materials”

egeSlurry® – benefits to customer at a glance
• Increased service life due to wear protection
• Multilayer pipes can be welded, and have standarised dimensions 
• Longer servicing intervals, lower costs, avoidance of downtimes 
• Use of flexible, ductile and corrosion-resistant pipe materials for inexpensive pipeline construction
• Customised solutions also available with added protective layer or electrically conductive materials
• Customised solutions for high media temperatures, e.g. for industrial wastewater


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