Trenchless installation/Renewal

Maximum demands on pipes

Trenchless Installation

The use of trenchless installation methods during the construction helps to achieve cost savings in comparison to open trench installation. Additionally, there are also advantages for the monetarily rarely recorded indirect costs and due to the prevention of impairments and disadvantages for inhabitants and the environment.

Trenchless installation techniques at a glance:

Relining Close-fit-Lining HDD PE Reduction method Pipe bursting Impact Moles



  • Cost savings due to shorter construction times and protection of resources, such as surfaces, filling materials and spoil area
  • No follow-up costs that would result at the surface and at buildings when using open construction
  • Reduction in emissions of dust, noise and CO2 due to less excavation works and associated transports
  • Avoids indirect costs due to less interference for residents and traffic
  • Safe installation using PE pipes with protective and testing characteristics

The obvious advantages of a closed construction and rehabilitation of pipelines confirm without a doubt that egeplast’s plastic pipes and the use of trenchless techniques are always the first choice for installing supply and disposal lines.