Consulting Phases

egeplast advises planners and project clients on both technical and commercial aspects. You, too, should benefit from our companys nearly twenty years of experience in trenchless and low-trench pipe engineering. Let our Sales Representatives or Technical Service experts explain the benefits of egeplast products to you in detail, and how these solutions can assist your company in achieving greater investment security.

Preliminary project planning
Support in selection of installation methods – trenchless vs. standard installation• Cost comparison of the installation methods
• Selection of pipe materials depedning on installation method
• Usage of norms and standards
  Project planning
Technical consulting and advisory services for the planned project• Recording of customer demands (pressure, route, time, conditions)
• Selection of materials
• Selection of installation method Product seelction Classic PE consultation: life cycle, connection technology, tensile force, trench lengths, etc.
  Commercial consulting
Commercial consulting and advisory services for the planned project

  • Material costs
  • Projekt costs
  • Cost of Ownership
  Invitation to tender
Assistance in needs orientated invitations to tender (including VOB requirements)• Invitation-to-tender texts installation methods
• Invitation-to-tender texts rehabilitation methods
• Invitation-to-tender texts trenchless pipeline renewal
• Invitation-to-tender texts pipelines/pipeline systems
• Invitation-to-tender connection technology

Active support during the project implementation phase

• Construction site show-how (egeplast pipe systems)
• Site management during all project phases
• Provision of tools and accessories (e.g. welding machines)

  Follow up
Services at conclusion of the project• Assessment of economic efficiency
• Pipe material assessment Documentation
• Documentation of the materials and certificates