Conditions of Participation

Participation in the Sudoku lottery announced in the egeNews magazine published by egeplast international GmbH is free and governed solely by the Conditions of Participation outlined herein.


Execution of the lottery

The lottery shall run from the send date of the egeNews magazine until its closing date specified there. During this time period, users are offered the possibility to participate in the lottery by submitting their solutions in writing.



To participate, you need to complete and send the relevant entry form in the egeNews magazine. Participation is limited to the specified period of participation. Any entries received after the closing date will not be taken into consideration.

Only one participant per transmitted registration can participate in the lottery. It is strictly prohibited to use multiple email addresses or to submit multiple entries by fax to boost one’s chances of winning.

Participation in the lottery is free of charge.


Eligible participants

Any recipients of egeNews are entitled to participate. Participation is not contingent upon the acquisition of any goods or services.
Individuals with a reduced capacity to enter into legal transactions shall require the approval of their legal representative to participate.

Among those not eligible for participation i are any individuals involved in the design and implementation of the lottery as well as any persons involved in creating the egeNews magazine. The same hold true for the operator’s employees including their family members. Moreover, the operator reserves the right to exclude individuals from participation if there are good reasons for doing so, e. g.

(a) in the event of manipulations associated with accessing or implementing the lottery,
(b) in the event of violations of theConditions of Participation presented herein,
(c) in the event of unfair activities or
(d) in the event of any incorrect or misleading information related to the individual’s participation in the lottery.


Prize, notification of the prize and delivery of the prize

The prizes are indicated in the most recent issue of the egeNews magazine. The winners shall be determined after the closing date. For lotteries merely based on the principle of chance, the winners are to be determined among all participants. If the prize draw requires the completion of a specific task, only those participants who performed the task correctly will participate in the raffle.

The winners of the prize draw shall be informed about their win promptly by telephone or via a separate email.

The prize shall be delivered exclusively by shipment to the winner or the winner’s legal representative. It shall not be possible to exchange the prize for something else, or to collect it in person, or to receive the equivalent in cash.

Any expenses that might be incurred for the shipment of the prizes shall be born by the operator. Any additional expenses related to the winner claiming the prize shall be at the expense of the winner. The winners themselves shall be liable for potential taxes which accrue for their prize, if any.

If a winner fails to come forward within a period of 3 weeks even after having been requested to do so twice, the prize can be awarded to another participant.


Termination of the lottery

The organiser of the lottery explicitly reserves the right to terminate the lottery without prior notice and without stating any reasons for doing so. In particular, this applies to any and all reasons which would interfere with or prevent the implementation of the lottery as planned.




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