A customised component distributing rain water for the Europa-Park

A novel water theme park will delight the visitors of Europa-Park in Rust (Baden-Wurttemberg) from late 2019.

New culvert under the Oder-Havel Canal in Oranienburg

To secure supply to and disposal from Oranienburg's Lehnitz district, a rapidly evolving district town ...
Projekt Wasserschutzgebiet Schweiz

3L Leak Control system in water protection areas

40 % cost savings thanks to fully monitored pipe system in water protection areas

A new drinking water pipe for a trendy neighbourhood in Amsterdam

In the course of extending the drinking water supply network ...

New construction of a 19 bar biogas line using the HexelOne® SLM DCT high-pressure pipe system

When building a 19 bar biogas line in Fakenham (England), National Grid opted for the HexelOne®-high-pressure pipe ...

Close-fit lining in sensitive water protection area and beneath valuable trees

bbr und energie | wasser-praxis report about rehabilitation using the egeliner