Prefab Special Solutions and Special Fittings Constructions

Reducing construction costs by means of custom-fit, pre-fabricated solutions

Increasing construction costs in view of tight schedules, scarce building capacities and required just-in-time services, together with enormous consequential and repair costs in the event of on-site faulty installation have come to pose increasingly complex challenges for the workforce and material alike.

As experts for state-of-the-art pipe systems, our portfolio of products and services encompasses comprehensive, customized “prefab” special pipe solutions and fittings constructions catering for almost any requirements. If you opt in favour of special solutions for your pipes and assemblies of choice, we are able to design and manufacture the matching pipes, fittings and other components individually to customer specification and/or according to the particular on-site requirements according to site measurements. Most of these fittings and components are manufactured based on semi-finished products from in-house production. A comprehensive inventory of semi-finished products allows for rapid and easy implementation. In addition to extensive welding machinery, we provide various machining centres (milling and turning). The latest CNC technology enables us to manufacture fittings such as T-pieces and welding collars for various pressure classes. Furthermore, we are equipped with a pipe bending system which enables us to manufacture seamless pipe bends.

Proceeding this way helps you save time and expenses for otherwise resulting on-site adaptations, welds and handling. Furthermore, we facilitate planning related to complex site and installation situations in advance by introducing the concept of assemblies. As a result, our customers benefit from a fast, simple and cost-efficient implementation of the construction project which enables them to do without quite a few otherwise required adaptations, welds and handling at the construction site.

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