Large piping system up to 1.600 mm

Brief description

Even the larger dimensions of PE pipes provide benefits, e.g. reliable welded connections. An extensive range of moulded parts made of PE 100 allows construction of transport pipelines with homogeneous materials.

Product Benefits | Product Structure

  • A piping system made from homogenous materials, that includes the pipe, bends, flanges and jointing technology designed for their application
  • A piping system for installation of new pipes and rehabilitation, for open trench and trenchless installation
  • Colour-coded stripes possible for labelling the media

Installation options

PE reduction technique

open trench installation in sandbed

sea installation


System Technology | Moulded Parts according to Pressure Class

egeplast offers complete piping systems: pipes for every application as well as harmonised components and solutions for special installation applications or functional requirements.

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seamless bends


flange connections


electrofusion fittings

At a glance

Application Transport supply pipes | wastewater | coolant lines | pipes for industrial media
Target Groups Utility and disposal companies |industrial companies | construction companies
Dimension OD 450 – 1.600 mm
Medium Potable water | gas | wastewater | industrial media
Material PE 100, PE 100-RC (Resistance to crack)
SDR SDR 33 – SDR 11 (others by request)
Connection technology Butt welding | electrofusion | mechanical joints
Approvals/Standards DIN 8074/75; EN 12201; EN 1555
Product Limitations Pressure up to PN 16 for water up to OD 1,200 mm
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egeXXL – Multilayer Variants

We offer large pipes with an OD of up to 1,600 mm for trenchless installation or with electrically conductive layers as the DCT Version or 3L safety piping system. For higher demands we provide egeXXL-pipes of other materials, e.g Polypropylene.

Forms of Delivery

Straight lengths (6, 12 and 20 m) | Special lengths up to 30 m | Prefabrication



Project Malmö, Sweden: 24 km double pipeline in Malmö

Project Ouderkerplas, Netherlands: Water from the depths of the Ouderkerkerplas cools companies in Amsterdam

Project Pocerady, Czech Republic: 14.300 m cooling pipeline for the new 880 MW power station block

Project Växjö, Sweden: Europes biggest Pipeline Project with PE-Pipes

Project Berlin’s water utility company: Record in Berlin: 724 m of new pipe drawn in one piece

Construction site videos

Additional Documents

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