Suez Eau France Renovating a Drinking Water Pipe using egeplast SLM® in the Centre of Bordeaux

Not far from the boulevard of Bordeaux, a drinking water cast iron pipeline was renovated with the help of the egeplast SLM® 3.0 protective pipe system using
the relining approach. Restricted space conditions and great time pressure placed particular demands on both the product and the installer.

In summer 2019, Suez Eau France needed a quick and sustainable solution for refurbishing a leaking 1000 mm cast iron drinking water pipe. The local utility company, SUEZ Eau France, is one of the biggest water suppliers in France,
which in the metropolitan region of Bordeaux alone supplies water to more than 750,000 individuals. The pipeline was installed in the course of major road construction works. The drinking water pipe was located directly in the centre of Bordeaux, close to its main boulevard.

In this context, the egeplast SLM® 3.0 drinking water pipe OD 800 was used. The SLM® pipe was inserted into the cast iron pipe by means of relining. The contractor, AXEO TP, renovated the pipe over a length of 330 m.

Baustelle Bordeaux

The experienced welding company, 2A2M, welded the pipes on site directly in the excavation pit during insertion. Owing to the restricted space conditions in this inner city area, it was not possible to weld all pipes simultaneously and to insert them into the host pipe in one piece. Instead, the welding operations needed to be performed segment by segment before pulling the completed segments in. The SLM® 800 protective pipe is optimally suited for this kind of application. Its additional external layer protects the pipe core from any damage that might occur during installation, thus allowing for trenchless installation methods such as HDD, relining etc.

In addition to the challenging location and installation, delivery of the pipes also constituted a major challenge. The restricted working area and the local situation in the busy inner city called for a precise delivery plan to ensure just-in-time delivery without causing any major inconvenience on site. Close contact between all parties involved, however, ensured proper delivery and project realisation.

Project description:
egeplast SLM® drinking water pipeline in the centre of Bordeaux (France)

Renovation of a
leakage on a drinking water pipe under restricted space conditions and under time pressure

Relining of a pre-existing cast iron drinking water pipe using an egeplast SLM® 3.0 drinking water pipe


Pipe system:
330 m egeplast SLM® 3.0 – 800 x 47,4 mm

Suez Eau France

Axeo TP / A.A.M.M Polyfusion & Electrof.

Bordeaux Baustelle