egeplast SLM® DCS

Early Warning System for the Protection of Drinking Water Transportation Pipelines

Climate change and the associated scarcity of resources call for all of us to rethink our handling of drinking water and to initiate a more responsible use of this precious resource. Hence, avoiding any loss of water in our networks is becoming more and more important. The egeplast SLM® DCS pipe system has been designed to monitor the intactness of drinking water transportation pipelines during operation and to detect any pipeline damages early on.

Dry summers, droughts, extreme weather events and heavy storms – the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly tangible. Even now, water provision is already hitting its limits in some regions during times with low precipitation. For a tight pipeline network, plastic pipes are the material of choice thanks to their homogenous connections. However, they might still be damaged in the course of subsequent civil engineering works or operations of excavators.


Early detection and localisation of damages

The egeplast SLM® DCS pipe system enables early detection of damages on the pipeline – even before a leakage occurs (Detection and Checking System). Monitoring can either be performed permanently or intermittently. If a damage occurs, a monitoring unit triggers an alarm. The site of the damage can then be tracked within a radius of one meter and a leakage will be prevented. Intermittent monitoring allows for monitoring at particular intervals or if there are grounds for suspicion. The SLM® DCS pipe system provides monitoring of a damage-free condition of the pipes during operation; any damages can
be localised. Thus, the drinking water remains protected during the entire service life of the pipeline, and any loss of water is reliably avoided.