Excellent experiences with novel jointing technology


Thanks to its integrated welding technology, the new egeFuse® 2.0 Sewer Piping System has enabled customers to realize time and cost benefits in the process of installing polyethylene (PE) sewage pipes in recent months. The contractors involved in a number of pilot projects in particular have been able to benefit from the piping’s simple jointing technique and fast and easy installation. Sewage network operators were happy about the cost-efficient completion of their projects. Shorter construction times provided the opportunity to cancel existing traffic diversion quickly, allowing traffic to flow freely again from early on.

Building welded gravity sewer networks tends to involve a significant number of connections. The egeFuse® 2.0 Sewer Piping  is delivered to the construction site as a single unit complete with an integrated spigot end and weldable socket end. Welding at the jobsite can be performed using standard welding equipment.

The novel conic wall structure of the integrated electrofusion technology and the special jointing tools available from egeplast provide contractors with a quick and simple way to connect the pipes. Thanks to the absence of any external build-up in thickness associated with the jointing technology, this pipe system is particularly predestined for construction projects in inner city areas with very limited space and very busy roads and paths at the jobsite. Since the system requires no recesses in the pipe support, the width of the excavation pit can be reduced and smaller than for traditional installation using electrofusion sockets. Among the positive side effects are less excavation work and less need for backfill materials, which results in lower energy costs and a general improvement of the COfootprint of the construction project. Yet another benefit of the  egeFuse® 2.0  jointing technology are its short welding and cooling times. For example, the processing time required for a DN/OD560 SDR17,6  egeFuse® 2.0  pipe is approx. 40 minutes (no peeling required + welding time + cooling time), compared to approx. 73 minutes for a 560 electrofusion socket (peeling) + welding time + cooling time), approx. 45% savings in time per junction. Welded homogenous junctions provide enduring safety with regard to ingrowth of roots as well as ex- and infiltrations. Following installation, the light-coloured inner layer of the egeFuse® 2.0 Sewer Piping System provides ideal conditions for subsequent camera inspection.


The benefits of the egeConnect Socket  included in the  egeFuse® 2.0  portfolio have also stood the test in practice and  continue in practice. It enables connecting pipelines to be connected to the  egeFuse 2.0 Gravity Pipe  very easily and economically using a socket welding unit and thus provides an alternative to branches. The building contractors involved were convinced by the speedy integration of the socket and the smooth surface of the inner wall of the pipe. The egeConnect Socket Welding System  prevents any reduction of the hydraulically useable cross section of the main pipeline which would result from protrusions, rims and the like.

In pilot projects all over Germany, the egeFuse® 2.0 Sewer Piping System  with its simple and cost-efficient installation has been found to convince contractors, clients and planning offices alike.


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