Near Lyon (France), Orangina Suntory completed the installation of a double pipeline for mineral water in order to access the source which is located at a distance of approx. 6.5 km. The pipe route led both through a national park and through contaminated industrial area. The pipe of choice was the SLA® Barrier Pipe, a permeation-tight pipe for drinking water protection and the protection of the environment.

Project data

Challenges: • The mineral water in the pipeline must be protected from contamination from the surrounding soil.
• Compliance with a tight time schedule was paramount since the pipelines also run through a natural reserve in which laying operations can only be carried out in winter.
• Tight schedule for pipe delivery, welding operations and installation of the system.
Solution: A permeation-tight, weldable pipe system
Installation: Open-trench installation of the double pipeline
Pipe system: SLA® Barrier Pipe System
Dim: 160 x 14,6 mm PN 16 SDR 11
2 x 6,5 km = 13 km overall
Parties involved in the
Client: EDE (L’Européenne d’embouteillage)/Orangina Suntory
Planning: Groupe Merlin Lyon
Installation: Rampa TP & Albertazzi (SERFIM Group)
Welding: 2A2M


egeplast international GmbH
Franck Bachelery 

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