A customised component distributing rain water for the Europa-Park


A customised component distributing rain water for the Europa-Park

A novel water theme park will delight the visitors of Europa-Park in Rust (Baden-Wurttemberg) from late 2019. In the new water theme park and recreation centre, “Rulantica”, the entire amount of rain water collected from roof drainage will flow through a rain water distribution system made of polyethylene developed and manufactured by egeplast.

In the course of the pipeline construction work for this project, TECOBA GmbH, a company based in Endingen/Kaiserstuhl in the South of Germany, was also charged with the earthbound roof drainage involved. Owing to the complex run of the ducts and the quantities of water involved, the planner specified polyethylene as the material to be used. egeplast built a customised component based on customer specifications designed to catch the entire volume of drainage water at three OD 315 mm manifolds and to bring them together in an OD 630 mm main pipe. The latter leads to a rain water collector made of reinforced concrete.

The special component was dropped directly at its designated installation site with the help of a mobile crane and then inserted into the wall sleeves and aligned — all of that within two hours. Thanks to the shorter installation time at the construction site because of the prefabricated component delivered by the supplier, the construction site could be made available for the subsequent technical crews four days earlier.

The new water theme park, RULANTICA,is scheduled to be completed by late 2019.


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