egeplast provides staff with new qualification concept

From now on, those looking for a job in Greven and the surrounding region are lucky, since applicants will be able to benefit from the newly developed egeplast qualification concept which offers them numerous development possibilities. Here, the industrial engineers in the cutting-edge manufacturing department of the Greven-based plastic pipe manufacturer undergo an exception training — and all of that in a very short period of time.

The new qualification concept, egeProductionAcademy, provides the staff with the opportunity to quickly acquire new skills. The Production Manager, Fabian Schultes, is recruiting eager-to-learn technology enthusiasts with a positive basic attitude. “We want to train our new colleagues to become experts and passionate “problem solvers” in their field. For those who excel in this environment, taking on executive functions later on is possible and a desired outcome.

The Academy’s qualification matrix consists in both internal and external training programmes tailored to the specific employees. Thus, a production assistant can undergo an internal training course and become a machine operator. Both internal and external trainings will enable employees to become machine fitters.

Fabian Schultes, Production Manager

23 high-potentials employees have already signalled their interest in a technology career as a machine fitter. Ten employees are currently already following their development plan and are being trained by the plastics specialist, Werner Eilers. One of them, Andre Majonek, states with conviction: “I started one year ago with egeplast. When I joined the company, I was told that I might be able to climb the career ladder and become a fitter. Therefore I find this training concept very good”.  Another employee, David De Lama, who has previous experience and skills related to the construction industry, commented, “The differences between the PVC material used for window profiles and the PE used for egeplast pipes are quite interesting. The properties of these materials are based on the same principles”. Shortly afterwards, he becomes involved in another in-depth professional discussion with the group. A particular highlight that the participants look forward to are the subsequent practice modules of the training, in which they will be able to do hands-on work and inspect the interior of an extruder.

From left to right: Fabian Schultes, Andre Majonek, Werner Eilers, Kai Völker, David De Lama, Carsten Voßkuhl

Hard work and initiative pays off for the employees. The company is in the process of planning a new, transparent remuneration system which rewards employees for their commitment and for acquiring new qualifications—thus, every single individual will have options to increase their salary. In addition to active health management, which also includes bike leasing, egeplast provides, among other perks, free fruit and drinking water in the manufacturing department and subsidised meals in the egeBistro. A football pitch with the company’s own team provide athletic enjoyment and reinforce team spirit.
The family business, which has been based in the Steinfurt district for 110 years, has a reputation as an innovation hub for plastic pipe systems for drinking water, sewage water, gas and cable protection. The cutting-edge pipe systems for customers in more than 40 countries are manufactured in Greven, where egeplast operates Europe’s most advanced and largest plastics pipe plant, including its own technology and training centre. The meeting hub of the company’s headquarters is the egeBistro, which offers rich breakfast choices and healthy lunch menus to the almost 400 employees and to external guests every day. In view of the significant demand in future-oriented markets, egeplast is in the process of once again expanding its capacities at the Greven site and has plans to recruit more than 40 new employees. In addition to team managers and fitters, egeplast offers jobs for skilled personnel with a background in some kind of industry or trade, e. g. process engineers for plastics materials, industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers, electronics technicians, car mechanics and plant mechanics. In addition, egeplast is seeking to employ machine operators, quality-conscious employees with an industrial experience background.

From left to right: Trainee Nick Lein, Production Manager Fabian Schultes, instructor Marco Hövermann

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