SLA® Barrier Pipes meet the highest standards in contaminated soils

As of now, SLA® Barrier Pipes are also KIWA-certified for heavily contaminated class III soils. With its barrier layer made of aluminium, the SLA® Barrier Pipe fullfills even the high requirements of the BRL 17101 standard which is applicable in the Netherlands and has now been updated and edited by KIWA.

As a result of the approval they received, SLA® Barrier Pipes are the only pipes at this point which, with immediate effect, have also been certified for class III, highly contaminated soils. The protective layer system reliably rules out any permeation of contaminants and has thus; as a PE pipeline system with an aluminium barrier layer; been certified by KIWA Nederland B.V., as suitable for carrying drinking water. It ensures damage-free installation of the pressure pipe for trenchless installation methods such as horizontal directional drilling by means of its special extra protective layer.

The BRL 17101 standard sets out the requirements to be complied with by drinking water pipes which can also be installed in contaminated soils. Recently, the BRL 17101 standards has also come to specify the requirements for pipes to be used for the highest contamination class. Class III covers degrees of contamination which even include a saturated solution of toxic aromatic hydrocarbons in the soil surrounding the pipe. KIWA in the Netherlands is in charge of ensuring high-quality drinking water and to monitor any products which get in contact with it.

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