AwSV TÜV-certificate awarded for egeplast 3L Safety Pipe system

Biogas-3L AwSV920
The new certificate awarded by TÜV Nord confirms that the 3L Safety Pipe system complies with all requirements of the German Federal Ordinance on installations for the handling of Substances hazardous to Water (AwSV) and with the technical regulations TRwS 7931 and TRwS 792 for applications involving substances which represent a hazard to water.

Thus, the 3L Safety Pipe system fullfills the requirements of the German Federal ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV) and the technical regulations TRwS 793-1 (Biogas Plants) and TRwS 792 (Slurry, Manure and Silage effluent Plants). The 3L Safety Pipe system provides permanent or intermittent monitoring and reports and locates damages—even in the absence of mainsdependent electricity. This monitored pipe system can be monitored and controlled via the internet from anywhere in the world. It provides 100-percent leakage monitoring for soil and water protection and lends itself to trenchless installation using the black box method such as flush drilling, burstlining, relining and soil displacement.

The AwSV governs handling of substances hazardous to water and stipulates the types of pipe systems which have to be used for these media. Under section 37, the AwSV sets out that, among other things, pipe systems featuring a leakage detection system are to be used for substances hazardous to water. The AwSV became effective as of 1 August 2017 and replaced the hitherto applicable regulations on Soil and Water Protection (VAwS) of the 16 Federal States. Operators of plants such as biogas plants as well as plant designers, specialised companies
as per the German WHG (Water resources Act) and government officials will be required to comply with the new legal basis.