New product egeHome – The combined house connection system

For the simultaneous installation of a house connection (gas/water) and conduit for fibre optic cables, egeplast has developed the egeHome house connection system. This pipe enables an efficient connection of buildings to the fiber-optics and utility network. Versorgungs- und Glasfasernetze.

egeHome is a combination of a PE 100-RC pressure pipe with additional protective layer and an ege-com® Microduct Mono cable ductwork. It is installable without an additional protective pipe (direct buried) and provides an optimal opportunity for the subsequent installation of fibre optic cables for internet and TV connections, as well as telephone service, with no further digging on the premises of the property. The house connection system is available as a 100m ring bundle in the dimensions OD 32 – OD 50. An extensive range of accessories for connections and sockets of the cable ductwork completes this range of products.

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